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In US Foreign Policy, CENSA aims to hold US foreign policy-makers accountable for their decisions. Through news articles and analyses, we hope to build the kind of alliances in government which keep us not only informed but empowered to influence US - Latin American politics. We are currently working with the offices of representatives to Congress, DC-based think tanks and Latin American-based journalists to bring our readers a fair and balanced assessment of current policies and their impact on the Americas Community. Ultimately, we aim to affect US foreign policy so that trade agreements address and enforce the needs of worker's rights, environmental sustainability and fair trade. That an end comes to the militarist approach addressing the drug trade and migration. And that we encourage dialogue among our staunchest dissidents so as to not villify them or their communities. Our vision is that of a united Americas. One which shares not only a common past of transformation after European Conquest, but a common present and future of individual freedom and opportunity.

Obama's Challenge: Free Trade

By Adam Sgrenci

April 17, 2009

This weekend the fifth Summit of the Americas convenes in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, bringing together 34 heads of state in the Western Hemisphere. Leading the U.S. delegation, President Obama needs to break with the failed policies of the Bush administration that alienated most of the governments of Latin America during the first decade of this century.

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